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Is there any component in grasshopper similar to the "Text Object" and "FLOW"command in Rhino?

I would like to bend a text parametrically.


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Mr Daniel

I found more 3 possibilities that has to be in this wonderful plugin.

1. First is the direction of the text.

I mean just add extra F/T option to the component that specify the direction of the Text ( Inside or Outside of the selected curve).

2. Second is the flip of the text.

Means up or down.

3. Offset from the base selected curve.

Waiting for your kindness

Thank you 

1 and 3 seems the same for me, I will add it.

2 already can be done with the Angle parameter.

No it isn't same I mean.

Just I think about any possibilities.

Perfect component is the one that works properly and consists any possibilities.

In this particular "Text by Curve" component it seams we don't have all possibilities and I think it could be more better than this.


What is the difference then? To put up or down you have to offset positively or negatively.

In my opinion this has to be exactly similar to these two commands in Rhino with exact options and parameters that works properly.

1. Text Object

2. Flow

Just have a look to both of these and try to create all their functions and parameters in the same way.

I say beacause when we have a concept of a command we can do exactly what it does.

and these two commands are very useful and sufficient in this case, but you as a nice man could add extra parameter like Offset, rotation, etc... to complete this wonderful component.

This is just my idea to help you to improve your products.

I'm not playing along here by trying any code, but can you change the direction of the text by flipping the curve direction first?  And as for #3, you can do your own offset curve, right?

Yes and yes.

I know it shows your kindness Bro!

With respect

Thanks for your suggestions. Simply by adding an offset you can get all the results with Peacock's TextByCurve. I do not think it is necessary to parameterize it in the same way as Rhino, besides the implicit differences, you only have to read the parameters once to understand how it works, it is not so much effort.

Any way I will try.






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