algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm trying to create a simple tensile structure like the one on the picture I uploaded. I copied the definition from youtube, but my anchor point in the middle can't be recognized. Whatever how I move it, the mesh wouldn't follow.

Does anyone who had the same problem can help me pleassss.

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Check attachment and you'll need Kangaroo 2.


Better one..


ah, didn't see your second reply when I was making mine!

Thanks :)

Also - the Anchor points now have a second input for the target point, so you can also do it like this:

I often set it up like this and internalise the points for the targets, then edit them with the gumball.

This way you can reset the solver, and still keep the same targets.

If you do want to go back to the original positions you can just connect the points and internalise again.

Thanks for showing a useful trick, Daniel.

Hi guys.

Sorry, but how could I add more than 4 footings?






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