algorithmic modeling for Rhino

In response to a recent comment on this video:


I'm posting the files here.


The same grasshopper definition should work with any collection of struts and cables you draw in Rhino.


This sort of thing does seem well suited to exploration in Kangaroo.

By making the cables elastic and giving them some pre-tension, the form can be allowed to relax into a position where all cables are in tension and it is stable, then it can be tested or fabricated with much stiffer cables.


btw - For inspiration I'd recommend Kenneth Snelson's website:

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I am trying to create a structure like the one to the left of my screen but for some reason it is collapsing no matter how I pre-tension the cables. Could you suggest why?

One thing I forgot to mention is that you need to make sure any polylines are exploded before referencing in. If that doesn't fix it post the file and I'll take a look.

Hmm could you have a quick look at my file please?



Is this a fragment of a larger system ?

Because there isn't anything here pulling the rods outwards - So you'd expect them to collapse and bundle together (unless you added some more cables pulling the outer points of the upper and lower triangles towards each other). Or are the points where the rods meet supposed to be rigid connections not pinned ?

Hi I am trying to do the same structure, was there an answer to this? 

I have found further images about how this unit works within a whole..


any help would be appreciated.




anybody knows how i can simulate ring and curve struts instead of normal straight struts?

For example these 2 models below:



Hi Arman,

Curved struts can be modelled by making them as polylines with bending stiffness, and springs to preserve their original length (keeping cables as springs with 0 rest length):


Thanks Daniel for your help,

that was really useful.

Hi All, I know the group has been inactive for some time but i am developing a tensegrity structure that is cantilevered and was wondering if i could get some help in understanding how to set a series of fixed points on a vertical wall so i can run the physics on the cantilevered tensegrity structure?

Thanks in advance


Thanks Daniel.

It was fun to play with tensegrity.
I've created this spherical structure.

The hardest part was creating the segments and tensors.
Anybody knows about some plugins or scripts that can create this kind of spherical structures?

Hi Giancarlo,

Nice work.

For creating the initial struts, you might find the 'reciprocal' component under the mesh tab in Kangaroo1 useful. I made originally for reciprocal structures, but these are very closely related to possible tensegrity structures. It rotates each edge of a mesh about the normal at its midpoint and scales it outwards. The idea is based on some work by Tomohiro Tachi -

Thanks Daniel,

That's exactly what I was doing, starting from some geodesic sphere primitives.






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