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Hello everybody,

i have a short question. It is possible in GH
(version 0.8.0004) to make a "Sweep1 Rail" with "Roadlike Top" style?

It seems the style is always "Freeform". The attached GHX-File constrains two curves. First a helix as rail curve and second the cross section curve. Both are generated in GH. When i bake these curves and generate the "Sweep1 Rail" with "Roadlike Top" style in Rhino everything is ok. For better understanding a Rhino screenshot is attached.

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Try the following:

- Divide the rail curve into a series of planes using the "Perp frames" component.

- Use the "Align Plane" component to align those planes with the z vector.

- Use the "Orient" component to place the section curve into all those planes. (Alternatively, you could use the "horizontal frames" component in the previous step and omit this step).

- Finally use the sweep1 component using the list of curves you generated in the previous step as the section curves.


Keep in mind the x axis of the planes will be pointing vertically, so maybe you have to rotate them or the reference plane.

Hi! sorry for the late. But I think I've got an idea that can solve this problem in some case. I also meet with this problem, but I was sweeping using a rail and a simple line. So I use the offset component instead:

the right one is using native sweep1 tool in rhino and choose top mode, the bottom left one is sweeped using the sweep1 component,and the left one (the bright colored one) is done by 1. offset the rail to a distance equal to the  length of section crv. Because we have "plane" option in the offset component, I can create a crv that "roadlike" offset the original rail. 2. loft using the two crvs.

This solution can only be used in some cases, but for me, it is enough.







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