algorithmic modeling for Rhino

With anenome 0.2 now released, here's a sample for how to use the multiple data input/outputs via a play with fractals. You'll also need weaverbird.

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Thanks David!!

Hi David

thanks for sharing!

I cant making it work, i have both anemone and weavebird install on my rhino 5, I choose a curve for "growth guide curve" but doesnt work.

I am new on that...

thank you!

To re-run anenome you have to double-click it, or change one of its direct inputs...the guide curve here doesn't activate it.

Otherwise, I don't know why it wouldn't be working...are you getting any error messages?

Well, it might be a bug which I found this night. I will release a fix as soon as I can.

hello, this looks great .. but doesn't seem to work in anemone 0.26 and gh 090077

I'll try to see what's going on here...

This has been really interesting.

I've tried to do a simple anenome of just a 2d fern pattern but I think I'm missing something fundamental.

I can loop curves back into the start of the loop but I only seem to be able to keep the curves from the last loop... I can't see how to accumulate the curves generated. Is this possible?

Also, I have to graft the output connected to the input of the NUScale component for more than 0 loops, but not for zero loops.

I just want to keep branching off the curves generated on each loop in a sort of fern leaf pattern.

Loop 0

Loop 1

Loop 2

Can anyone give me any pointers on this please?


Hi Martyn, this is really cool! did you get any further with the fractal fern? Would love to see the result of this!! I tried downloading your script but having a few problems myself

Hi, David. This is really awesome, but one question. How did it generate the original mesh without loop? I just don't know the logic. Can you explain it to me? Many thanks.

Glad you like it! Anenome passes the initialization information into the loop even without it "starting", so at iteration zero it will execute the code embedded inside. The original mesh is simply built during this zero iteration, from the base input plane, offset and rotation angle.

Thanks David!

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!!






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