algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here is a wish for a new widget/component/addon

Some time ago I was doing a job with perforation. Shape was quite complicated so it was made of several surfaces. The complexity of geometry was serious, so I had to do everithing step-by-step, and each time I had to change parameters of my defenition. Moreover, client was very taff, soI had to redo all work several times with a slight changes.

Thats why i dreamt of universal state mashine, which stores the parameters of all or chosen amoung of sliders/panels/etc. same vay asa view vidget stores views over the def, so i just can change overal state from one to another stored with a drop-down menu.

 I see this tool as a something like a galapagos component with a drop-down option...

whad do you think, guys?

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Alternatively you could use the existing one.


I learnt something :)

Oh my gosh) Never saw it)))






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