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Stacking geometry on offseted circles issue. Please help!

Hello all ! 

I have been trying to work out my issue for hours now. :( I am working on university project and deadline is just round the corner. I would highly appreciate any help! I can send sweets.

I am stacking previously created ellipse geometry on a sequence of curves buts I can't figure out 2 things:

1. how can I divide each curve so it has more points when the size of the circle is bigger, thus I can have more of ellipses on one ring.

2. how can I rotate ellipses in a direction shown on png image, so that ellipses touch each other on its top and its bottom. 

Thank you!

all the best,


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for the first question simply find the curve length for each circle and multiply that by PFrames count (N), the second question was not clear to me ... 

Hi isbahes!

Thank you for replying!

With the second question what I mean is that I can't find the plane of my objects on the curve and rotate them so top corner goes outwards and bottom corner goes inwards. I would like all of the components to 'touch' each other (like they would be welded together). I can do that on their sides, but the top and bottom edges don't touch.

I hope that was clearer.








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