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I'm a novice to grasshopper, and i would like to use GH as a "script" tool for the creation of clothing patterns, starting from 3D surface to flat pattern.

Is it possible to use (in version 5) the squish command in GH.  Not only to flatten, but also to process the flatten surface forward to include contour rebuild, offset,...

If it isn't possible, do there is a work around to flatten double curved sufaces?

Thanks in advance!

Yves Willems

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Hi yves,

as far as i know there is no explicit squish command in GH and even in rhinocommon there is no class that supports the same.

One way is to write a short script that executes the RhinoCommand "Squish" or just use the lunchbox component that already does this.

A second way is to use the Unroller classes in Rhinocommon which you could enhance with some features, that might get a similar result as the "Squish" command.

Check out this Post:

Cheers FF

Hi Yves,

I know your post is not recent, but I was wondering if you found a solution to your problem. The lunchbox Rhino command is working but I can't reuse the surface in Rhino as there is no output...


Hi Julien,

Unfortunately, i didn't solved this problem!



Have a look there:

Someone helped me and from what I see, it works well. If you still need a solution that is...







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