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Splitting a surface according to the mid of other surfaces


I'm new to grasshopper and I have a question - I have a large number of closed planar curves, and I would like to divide a surface according to the mid between those curves (attached an illustration) the important thing is that there will be no gaps between the new splitted surfaces.

Is there any good way to do it?

Thanks a lot,


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Does it have to exactly replicate the image or just be similar?

Your photo is very similar to a 2d voronoi pattern. If it is an acceptable option to you, I would take the centroid of each blob (using the area component) and input those into a voronoi 2d component. The borders of the voronoi cells will be pretty close to the black likes you drew (not exactly, but hopefully close enough for you).

Hi Brian,

Thanks a lot for the answer!

I tried your approach, but another important issue is that I want "continues" gaps to remain as much as possible continues - in the attached image you can see the Voronoi result (black) and my desired result (white).

Thanks again,

Does someone have any idea..?

Provided you don't mind a slow calculation and slightly jagged edges at a small scale, this method will suit you:


Thanks a lot Andrew!

That looks very promising

I'll try it out :)

Very nice






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