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I've been trying to split a bunch of lines with a set of points with not too much luck.

I know the shatter component only accepts curve parameters.

How should I be trying to get this point data to split the lines?
image attached might explain things a bit better.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Victor!

Since sometimes I needed this function too, I've made a user object.

(drop the .ghuser file inside C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects

or faster, in GH go to File > Special Folders > User Object Folder

It'll pop in the last tab "User" in the GH UI)

It have some tolerances, because a "splitting point" is impossible to be always exactly at distance=0 to target curve, so I've used Curve Closest Point component to find the point (or better, the parameter) to make fragments then, but this is obvious....

Cluster inputs:
- List of splitting points (will be flattened > no support for trees)
- List of curves to be splitted (will be flattened > no support for trees)
- Distance: point too far away from curve will not split (0.0001 units as default)(flattened input and taken first value)
- Boolean: If true (default) points split EVERY curves within distance, if false only the nearest curve within distance

Cluster output:
- List of curves, new splitted curves (fragments joined) replaces original curves to keep original list order. If fragment needed, explode output curves.

If you got any problem, let me know...

bye :D


hello riccardo,

your discription sounds great, its exactly what i am looking for.

but i have one problem: the curves that i want to split are polylines. as you join the fragments after splitting, the result is one closed polyline again. is it possible to switch off the final joining?

long time ago, hope you still see this discussion!

cheers r






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