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So I know everyone knows this: when you split a brep with a surface or another brep, the 'splitting face' is not there. There is a python script to split breps, but it only works with splitting planes. 

Currently I have been split surface's and combining them, but it sucks..... is there no way to split a brep with a surface/brep and get a closed breps as a result? 

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There is a component dedicated to "Boolean Split". You can find it in the milkbox group.

Hello Hyungsoo,

unfortunately, I can't find the "Boolean Split". Any help appreciated. It is often difficult for me to find something in mikbox.

Did't you see the link of my post above? Click here.

Hello Hungsoo,

thank you for your fast answer. Yes, I saw the link you posted. I could not see the component for download by clicking on the link because I was not "signed in". After signing in, all is fine for download.

Oh, man, this worked out great for the little GH project I'm working on! The very first GH project, I might add. Nothing too incredibly complicated, just a parametric window frame with glass stop mouldings. I was having a hard time trying to miter the moulding profiles at a 45deg angle, but after creating a few surface planes, and using the boolean split code snippet, they're good to go! I'm sure my GH code could be cleaned up a TON, but I got the job done!






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