algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Trying to learn new components today. Can't seem to figure out the spatial deform. Anybody used this one? I looked at David's video but couldn't find any other threads about it.

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Hi Chris,

From what I can tell the trick is to give the surface (or chosen object) a number of reference points and vectors to move them. See Below, the top example in green is a single point with single vector and produces only uniform deformation but the bottom example is 9 reference points with nine separate vectors. Note flatten inputs from the SDivide component.

Thanks. I see now. I put a sphere into it with some random.

So now I'm playing with the Surface Box component. Does anyone know how to get the UV min and max values for a surface? (Circled in the image)

Are either of these what you're after?

Yes. The top one works great. But once I realized that a surface can be input for the domain2 intervals, I just plugged the surface in. Thanks Danny.

hey can you guys upload a version of the script that is not Icons please. Thanks






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