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Hi all

I'm facing a tricky question,and I'd like to know if someone could help me to find a logic to solve this.

I want to select the items in a list this way :

First row (1) : items n (0), n+1 (1), n+2 (2)

Next row (2) : items n (6), n-1 (5)  / reverse direction

These points will be connected with a polyline.

I know I will need to Cull some items in the list, but I first need to find a logic to create the pattern.

Any help will be appreciated


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 Try this definition........



Thank you very much for your help.

The point is that with this approach, if we change the size of the matrix, we need to manually add the new indexes inside the panel.

What I'm looking for is a dynamic way of retrieving the items by their position inside the list so that if we change the size of it, the filtering pattern will stay accurate.

Kinf of :

Thx for reply ;o)

 The script is left unfinished. Unfortunately I now do not have time, but I think idea is clear.


Dear Igor

Thank you again for your post.

I see the logic behind your def. I will make some experiments with this approach today.








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