algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello friends!

As could be done by a python component which I do with the slider.

The idea is a code that I determime the smallest perimeter that contains all the points of a given point cloud.

I meet a problem when making the loop is probably necessary.

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There's a solver for 2D convex hulls in Grasshopper core.



David Rutten

Seattle, WA

Thanks David!

Unfortunately I have not enough knowledge to address the solution as I indicate.

Could you expand a little your focus?

I attached a C# example.


David Rutten

Seattle, WA



For all the work you saved me!

It could be included as a standard tool in future versions of grasshoppers as it can be useful in various problems!

Greetings and thanks!

There is a Convex Hull component, I just thought you needed it in the middle of a python script and didn't want to use the available component.


David Rutten

Seattle, WA

Ohh! David Sorry for my lack of clarity does not imagine that the component was already available.

A great site to read about the algorithm used in this component?

At least it served me to think a little!






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