algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I've been messing around all day trying to accomplish this through other posts similar to this but can't solve the problem.  Does anyone have this script or something similar (the link is broken to download from the site) to this:

It looks like exactly what I need :-(

 I basically need to be able to control some simple parameters (such as wave length and amplitude).  Having such diverse control such as in would be nice but not needed.

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i did something like this once and found this definition as a starting point. (I can't remember who to credit for this now though - sorry)

I did add amplitude as well and changed it to make it uniform not decaying but I can't get my definition to work now!

Hopefully this will help


I appreciate the response but this is one of the scripts I have that I failed in trying to alter as well.  I can't figure out how to remove the graph mapper and replace with parameters that would allow me to alter a uniform function along an irregular path.

Do you have the definition that isn't working, maybe I can take a look at it?

i'll dig it out later when I get home!

I don't properly understand the remap part of the definition and ended up using the infinite monkey technique to get something to work that I probably also didn't fully understand which is also probably why I couldn't get my other definition to work.

Perhaps someone on here can explain the remapping and graph mapper part of the above definition???

That would be great, thank you!  I hope we can figure this out!

Its not great, but...

Basically use pframes along the curve then move the division points along the axis of the pframe that you want by a sine function.

I can't get it to wrap properly!


I find C# is great for driving these kinds of equations. Just double click the component to edit the math.



(if you can use c# :) )

There's a good introduction to C# from the Architetural Association - Design Research Lab.

Since somebody already broke the ice of linking to one of my tutorials, I'll also point out this other one which is to do with controlling parameters along a curve and also plotting out mathematical functions (including sine waves), which may be relevant (and doesn't use C#):

came here looking for the same and it seems it was taken down. do you still have it by any chance?






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