algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I'm trying to create a simplex plot based on the R archetypes package as show below. Each row in the attached matrix represents a point on the plot, and its position is determined based on the values in each row (the example shown has four columns, but could be any number).

I'm trying to get the values to act as weights pulling toward the vertices (anchors). For instance, if one value in a given row is 1, and the rest are 0, then the point would wind up at the vertex for that value. If 2 are 1 and the rest are 0, then that point would wind up halfway between the two vertices. All four values together would place the point somewhere in the middle.

Right now, all of the points wind up bouncing directly to the middle. Where am I going wrong? How do the data need to be structured, and am I missing any additional components.


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If there is a simpler way to plot the points in a relative fashion without resorting to Kangaroo, that would work as well.






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