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Hello everyone,

I´m trying to shutter some curves. The shutter component gets an input with the same datastructure (green), but the outputstructure is different.
What can i do?

Thank you in advance

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I still couldnt figure it out why I get different brunches in this case.
Is it a bug ore what am I doing wrong here?
I cleand up the definition. So maybe it helps if someone has a look at it.
The aim is as you can see in the image below to map the intersection points of the wavy surfaces onto the unrolled lines. In one case I got it to work but in the other case not. The main problem is really the shutter component, because it is working different and i don´t know why. Maybe someone has an other idea.
Any help is really much appreciated

By the way I am working with GH 0.7.57.
Hi Jerrimo,

The problem you face is that the curve taken from the Brep Explode component has a domain going from -15 to 0 and that the original curve that you got the t values from is 0 to 15. I don't know if what I've done here fixes it but it shows the shatter component working on the curve.

Wow Danny,
thanks for the smart and easy solution. It works perfactly!!!!!!
I am facing now the problem that if I map the intersection points onto the unrolled curves, they are not in right order anymore. I hope someone has an idea how to fix that. Thank you in advance.







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