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Hello all!

I am trying to use the "shatter" function to split a series of segments at their intersection points. So first I use the function "Multiple curves" and then "shatter" them at the parameters resulting tb.

I have been trying to re-parametrize, flattening, grafting... but as you can see in the snapshot I posted, it misses to split the segments at a portion of the intersection points (the ones at the bottom right of the hexagons).

Can somebody help? I couldn't find many explanations on the "Shatter" command, and the ones on this blog have not helped... I don't fully understand how the command works, so somebody who does might be able to easily solve it.

I hope somebody out there has the answer :)

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David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

sorry about that, I thought I had to specify a topic section..  I am new to the site... :)

This is the way I am using MCX to shatter intersecting curves:

Note that if you have "isolated" curves, you have to ignore them, and self intersecting curves need to be "pre shattered".

Hey Systemig!

thank you for your answer! I have tried it.. but here are points where it shatters with those parameters... have I missed something? :(

Sorry, you seem to know more about how this command works!

Let me know :)

You probably need to flatten the output of Offset.

Or try attached file: (drag it on GH canvas and a new component should appear near Shatter)


gosh! I used the command you just sent me! IT WORKS!! thank you so much! I am actually taking a look at the "script imbedded within it"... just to see if I can understand where my mistake was :)

Again, thank you so much Systemig!!!

awesome systemiq, really useful for cleaning up messy offsets but also for finding the largest enclosed surface by random lines. nice one!


I am curious, how do you used it to find the largest enclosed surface ?

(I made another definition to find all surfaces defined by intersecting curves, using ShatterInt, but I needed Surface Split and a good amount of additional code)

Hi Systemiq, i feel a bit nooby right now, just found out the lines don't even need to be shatterd for that, all you need to do is run them through a planarSurface component. Not sure how efficient this approach is, but it works.

Aaah I didn't know either, always used this component with simple closed curves. I didn't think it could handle intersecting stuff and naked vertices like that.

Good to know.

Wow, very useful component! Thank you Sistemig   ;)

that worked for me too :)

thanks for that






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