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hopefully somebody will be able to help me out there.

I have set up a grasshopper definition. Every time I enter to the definition, I should go and change the attribute of few components. Is there any way to fix these attributes so they do not restart?



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I should go and change the attribute of few components.

I'm assuming you are not referring to the IGH_Attributes class associated with components, but are using attributes in the more vernacular sense of properties or settings.

What components and which attributes are we talking about?

Thanks David, You are right. I am talking more about properties of the components. 

I am using a component that connects grasshopper to excel. The component requires that I go and right click on component and select "overwrite" each time I log into the program. It is really annoying job. Please see photo below. I would like to always have "overwrite" option selected. 

I do not know who developed that component, but they should have made that setting 'sticky' by including it in the serialization archive of that component. There's very little you can do to change the default behaviour, we'll have to find the developer in question and they'll have to release a new version. Do you know who's in charge of that plug-in? 

The development page is: 

This is one of the best component to talk to excel.






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