algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear all,

I am writing to ask for some information about the process of cluster costruction.

1) How can i set up a bolean toggle as cluster input?

2) How can i set up a multiline data panel as cluster input?

Thanks in advance.

Best, Angelo.

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1) The type of parameter depends on the parameter to which the Cluster Input component is connected. A gh parameter is not only a slider or a panel, or the data that flows, also are the capsules with a black hexagonal background. They are containers of parameters but parameters in themselves, like the "x" in a mathematical function. So, what I do is something like:

2) That depends exclusively on the panel, not the cluster. Then you can't. It is also not possible to assign access (item, list, tree) to the parameters.

What you are trying to do, assigning components to the inputs directly, can only be done from code or using snippets.






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