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Dear all - I am currently trying to select every other 'ring' curve on this geometry - I would normally explode it and list item to find the ones I need, but that does not appear to be working this time - would anyone be able to tell me where I am going wrong? Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Tash,

Actually it's not a 'ring' curves, but it's one of brep edge in every your surface list.

You must to join it, then you can select it one by one.

worked brilliantly, thank you so much!

Hi Tash Tash,

Unless you have your heart set on the method of Dividing the Surface up I would use the [Contour] component and [Dispatch]


Exactly what I needed & you have introduced me to new components, which is always nice. I am very grateful. Thanks Danny 

You're welcome.

Always make sure you have a go at a solution first. But to start off with there will probably be a batter way.

There is a great learning method for GH that I swear by: See someone else's question on the forum and have a go at an answer. Post your reply and then see what other solutions people have come up with. This approach does two things for you. 1) it takes you away from your comfort zone and subject matter so that you have to look at something with fresh eyes. 2) Gets you using GH more and time on the canvas is worth far more than watching and reading posts online.

PS love the westie pic, makes me miss ours ...sniff






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