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Hi Guys,


Rhino is not so good at selecting mesh faces and i have to select each mesh face by clicking on each of them which is very time consuming.


Any idea how i could use GH to select a whole bunch of mesh face and delete them?

Maybe i could select them by angle (all the ones i want to delete are flat mesh face)


Thanks a lot,





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My work colleagues are getting mad hearing me clicking the mouse so much... Please help :S
Suggestion without grasshopper.
You could explode the mesh into separate faces. And then align you view so you can use crossing window (right to left) selection to select a chunk of your row of faces in a single action. Delete them and join the rest of the mesh again.
This could not work because exploding and rejoining the mesh can change face normals, but it looks like it might not be important at this stage.

In grasshopper I think it could be too complicated to explain which faces to select.
Thanks Kaiko,
Unfortunately, when i explode a mesh in separate faces i loose the texture map applied on the whole mesh and when i join again the mesh it doesn't come back so i try to avoid that...

I know this is very late (7 years!), but Rhino has a paintbrush tool where you can quickly select anything in the brush mark.


Yeah, I don't think anyone is still waiting for an answer seven years later, or two years later, or even two months later...  What's the point?  Esp. when your answer doesn't refer to Grasshopper?

try to find weaverbird plugin for grashopper. It deals with mesh!
Brilliant!very useful tool.
Unfortunately it doesn't deal with mesh selection...
I'd also try to solve this without going through grasshopper.

Do I understand correctly you want to delete certain mesh faces from a large mesh?

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Hi David.
Yes you got it right.

I often deal with meshes as they are good for doing topographies (the data received is often contour lines or points in space with which i do a delauney mesh).

The problem comes when i try to split/trim the mesh:
It often divides the mesh into tiny triangles and doesn't always works so i very often have to delete mesh faces individualy which is such a pain.

It d be great if there was on Rhino a Mesh Face selection tool which would allow to simply roll on lots of mesh faces at a time instead of clicking them one by one.

Would you have any idea how i could do it otherwise...?

Many thanks
I can't do this in a DotNET plugin, not enough functions have been exposed. However, I might be able to write a function that deletes all the faces from a mesh that are crossed by a curve. Then you could use SketchOnMesh to generate a bunch of curves, and then delete all the faces that have curves through them.

I can't really select mesh faces and have them remain selected outside of a command.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Thanks David,
Sounds like a diffcult task...
I use the command DeleteMeshFaces and then select the faces to delete.
The clicking is the annoying part, if i could just keep the mouse button pressed and rool on many faces or even use a "lasso" tool for mesh face, it would make me win so much time...
I can solve this in 2 ways:

1) you draw curves on the mesh using PolylineOnMesh or SketchOnMesh or whatever, then you select them all and I figure out which faces those curves intersected and remove those from the mesh.

2) I add a Point object in the centre of every mesh face, then allow you to lasso a bunch of them, after which I go in and delete the faces with the selected points.

Option two is a bit more involved in terms of keeping track of data left and right. Option one has some more difficult mathematics to it, but it should be easy to use.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia






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