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Seems that galapagos don't wait for anemone's finishing.

Hi all. I'm trying to create a new curve that are the same as  the old curve  on TOP view, but are tangential at every point(the old curve is drawn by polyline tool and then changed along Z axis). So I use anemone to calculate. Then I try to use galapagos to change the Z parameter, to best fit the old curve.

So that's the problem, when the galapagos runs, it seems not waiting for the calculation of anamone, and after a while it "freezes". I can't figure out what is wrong. I tried to change the "repeat" prameter of anemone to a large number, but it seems not the key problem. What's wrong with it? Or anemone and galapagos can't be used together?

Does anyone can help me? Thanks in adavance!

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try anemone's "fast loop" - it interacts with the solver differently than the regular anemone loop components - I can't guarantee it will play well with galapagos but I'd wager you've got a better chance. 

Hey! You are right! It works after I replace the standard one to the fast one! I t seems that the fast loop takes merely no any time to complete calculating.

Thank you! :P


Thanks. :)






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