algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Well friends...

... given this thread:

here's my (WIP) take on that subject.

PS: Demo data are internalized ... but load Rhino file first (you know the reason, don't you? he he).

PS: Read all comments before attempting to use this (and the myriad of options) with your data.

V5 soon, best, Peter

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(1) NO internalized test data: GH can't memorize them and yields a red C# (nullBreps and the likes). Thus: Load Rhino file first.

(2) Added more test cases and a dynamic one for my friend Alberto (who has pipes in mind).

(3) Some "minor" bugs fixed (what I was thinking? you tell me, he he)

(4) Added more options (from the almost ready V5): "Interactive" (so to speak) Scan mode is cool.

(5) Added ... er ... hmm ... a demo (fat) sardine as a mesh (quite unthinkable for me: I mean the mesh not the sardine).

(6) V5 can section serious things like this ultra chic Italian beauty (hope that you know what Baglietto means):


This is amazing! I'll play around with it.

I just submit my competitions so here are the files.

 Its a bike rack/bench/stage conformed by plywood structure and corrugated plastic pipes.

I hope I win. Thanks man!

Bike? you mean bicycle or motorcycle? (hate/love them, he he). That said I also designed a bike recently (but nobody wants to buy it, wonder why):

And where's the files? (or some test data of yours for that humble V6 - why bother with V5?).

bicycle :)

Why my files get attached but after uploading doesnt show them?


The rhino file


One of the boards


Wish you the best (i.e. kill them all, take no prisoners, no mercy ... etc etc).

As regards the C#: I'm a complete idiot:

1. User plane should include a rotate option, not exactly nuclear science that one eh ?? (I'm idiot).

2. Some user plane "auto align" option must be available, it's so obvious (I'm idiot).

3. Some other options should control a lot of other things in order ... blah blah (I'm idiot).

Moral: I'm idiot.






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