algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I'm trying to create a scissor structure through Anemone, but I have problems when it comes to repeating the loop and for its redistribution in opening and closing. Can you help me?

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I don't see Anemone anywhere in that code?  None of it looks like scissors?

Sorry I was wrong with the file.
This is the right one.


Thanks for the link.

The results look superficially similar to the code I linked to, except that yours is producing a staggering 67,734 curves!!

It's because you are supplying 32 mirror planes to three different copies of 'Mirror', along with 'Graft'...  that's not what you want at all.

I think the code I posted in the other thread is the best answer I have for now.

I've tried to follow your definition, but I need to know the intersection point and the corner. For this reason, when I insert the geometry in Anemone, it does not allow me to define the correct line to mirror.

Thanks for your help.


I solved my problem.
Thanks for your help.





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