algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everybody!

I know that the question was already asked but I still struggle with the installation of numpy / scipy on ironpython. 

So if anybody have a tips to make it works it would be nice. :)

A tried a lot already but I cannot figure out the problem on step 4.  I did every steps describe there : and also there : (You should have an account to connect there.)

So I get an error of IO I think, in step 4. It is describe here : (>>> )

1.) IronPython

Download and install IronPython 2.7, this will require .NET v4.0.

2.) Modify PATH

Add the install location on the path, this is usually: C:\Program File\IronPython 2.7

But on 64-bit Windows systems it is: C:\Program File (x86)\IronPython 2.7

As a check, open a Windows command prompt and go to a directory (which is not the above) and type:

> ipy -V PythonContext on .NET 4.0.30319.225 

3.) ironpkg

Bootstrap ironpkg, which is a package install manager for binary (egg based) Python packages. Download and type:

> ipy --install 

Now the ironpkg command should be available:

> ironpkg -h (some useful help text is displayed here) 

4.) scipy

Installing scipy is now easy:

> ironpkg scipy 

Any tips would be nice.  Thank's.


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Thanks so much

I just found this amazing news and tested GH_CPython. After dragging and dropping the GH_CPython.gha file into grasshopper, I input the following its editing window.

1st try:

import numpy as np

2nd try:

print "test"

After clicking TEST button in both, Rhino immediately crashed. 

I also found that closing the editing window after typing the scripts saved no script at all.

My Rhino is 64 bit latest one installed at 64 bit windows 10. Grasshopper version is 0.9.0076 . Python version is 2.7.13 .

Hi Tom Jankowski, 

Thanks so much for your feedback, I think this problem is resulted from needing administrative privileges because the component writes a temporary python file at C:\ partition and executes it, so would you open Rhino as administrator?

Hi Jihoon Kweon, 

Thanks so much for your feedback. 

First of all, I have to say that it is still under development, a lot of things need to be done.

- Would you try running Rhino as administrator?

- Would you make sure that Python is installed and running properly on your machine? you can do this by opening a new command prompt and just type python

- If it didn't work, would you write the command : path
in the command prompt and make sure that 'C:\Python27;' exists in the list that appears?

- I have modified the plugin a little bit, so, would you download the modified version from the attachments ?  

Thanks so much.


Hi Mahmoud AbdelRahman, 

Thank you for the reply. It works fine now at my quick test. I will also try using numpy on my workstation after getting back to my office.  

This is an awesome development opening a lot of potentials.

Thanks and congratulation!

Hi Mahmoud AbdelRahman, 

Please note the error shown on the following image.

Can the component accept input? How can I use input part with text, number, geometry and so on?

I also found output variable did not work.

Hi Jihoon, 
Thanks so much for your feedback, 

I have been working all the day on this, I have connected the input parameters with the script but, I'm still working on the outputs in addition to some bugs. 

Thank you, Mahmoud.

I am looking foward to the updated output parts.


Thanks immensely for your blockbuster new port of Python to Grasshopper.

I can't get it to turn on yet, however:






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