algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm looking to approximate a brep with a mesh and scale the faces according to curvature of the brep. The edge length of the mesh faces would be longer in flat areas of the brep and smaller/tighter in areas of greater curvature on the brep. The idea is to keep the overall face count of the mesh low while maintaining a accurate representation of the brep.

The result I'm going for would look similar to how MeshMachine in Kangaroo can scale edge lengths of faces by proximity to boundary edges.

If anybody has any wisdom or advice on how to go about developing such a mesh, please reply.


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MeshMachine does also exactly what you describe, with its boundary scaling system being a separate system than its normal Adapt setting that works well with 0.8 to avoid occasional artifacts with full 1.0.

Free Autodesk MeshMixer also does wonderful curvature adaptive remeshing, and now has a new user manual:

For quad adaptive remeshing, ZBrush's ZRemesher is the best in the world now, and is very friendly with NURBS especially if run through a T-Splines smooth display mode model to convert to smooth instead of faceted NURBS.

Thanks for the resources Nik, I'll check them out. 








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