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Could someone show me a way to scale lets say .. a wall or a board.. by distances instead of factors?


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In this work around [Link] for the Offset component I use a distance input to create the factor for the scale Component. You need a distance to measure against to calculate the factor. But this is being applied to a curve that doesn't have any thickness, so bear in mind the fact that a scale over a distance is still a scale and therefore increasing in size.

^ I'm doing transformations to a series of lines all manipulated to extend in different directions on the xy plane. I'd like to scale 1d some of them to be an additional 6cm longer. How do I set up the script to create a plane of reference for each to extend from?

Do you guys suggest an other ways of trying to achieve this?  

if you are scaling some lines, then you can use extend curve component by 6 cm and 0 cm on each end.

if you are scaling some geometry, you need a reference line or distance from the geometry and use division between new valor and original... here a quick example (I scale the same line, but you can scale whatever you want). In both examples i use the starting end point as base for scale.

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