algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Some people asked me about the definition of 2 Möbius-like Strips, so here it is!

It might be a little "dirty", I guess there are many parts which can be simplified, but I was pretty happy to get it to work at all :D

If there are any questions about what I did feel free to ask.

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Thanks for posting your elegant solution. I had not realized that the 2 interlocking rings actually did not touch each other. Consequently your design presents a vexing problem for making it a real object in anything other than a zero-G environment. Since I don't have one of those readily available I'm thinking about perhaps adding some connections between the pieces. 

Nice model but not really a Möbius surface, is it?  It twists 360 degrees, not 180:

Möbius would be more like this, except without the gap:

Or twist only 90 degrees for each 360 rotation (as shown below), but through 720 degrees of rotation (twice), creating the effect of two intersecting surfaces (not shown but similar to OP):


@Joseph: You are right, it is not really a Möbius-Strip. But having a 90-degree rotation over 720 degrees might be another challenge, I will try to edit my model with that.

@Birk: Thanks a lot! The Idea with it was actually to have 2 seperate rings which can not be manufactured traditionally. But thank God there are 3d-Printers ;)

Not bad, except for that gap...


Just right-click on the Loft-options and click on "close loft" :)

Added expression "x+1" to the 'C (Count)' input of both 'Series' and gap is gone.


Your print looks terrific Lucas. My printer is a standard delta style FDM machine, so to print your part I'd have to use supports, and probably more than the ones you used. As a starter I've added some bars between the rings, but I'm not sure these will print properly. 

Thanks a lot :) It was printed using a Stratasys Objet 24 at my university in case you are interested :) I never printed it on a FDM-Machine because I was afraid (or to lazy) of removing the supports manual

Ah I thought it looked like a Stratasys print! This would be a nightmare on anything but the best FDM printer!

Been down this road before... two years ago:

Hehe, I guess many people messed with Möbius and similar things.. Still pretty fascinating!






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