algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi am looking for some way to make process automatic....

I want to achieve this, preferably with 1 or 2 sek pauses between each click:

1. Toggle 1

2. Toggle A

3. Toggle A

4. Toggle 1

5. Toggle 2

6. Toggle A

7. Toggle A

8. Toggle 2

9. Toggle 3

10. Toggle A

11. Toggle A

12. Toggle 3

I was thinking to use somehow slider and animate option....but without luck

Any idea would be appreciated

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Hi Michal

To be honest I am not sure if I understood what you are trying to do... Is it something like this?



Thanks for your reply. In my case I got set of programms that run when I switch toggle to true. However I need to run them in a specific order. I named toggle and showed clicks order how this shall work. I really hope that could somehow connect some input to toggle to control order of clicks. 

Like this?


Thanks Frane for your proposition. I could not run it earlier as got old ver. I just got new grasshopper and can run it. Sees to work well but I am experiencing another problem. I noticed that when I use Boolean Toggle  connect to component that run as normal. However when connected panel with True or False text they do not work-I mean is always on. I tried to connect Boolean Toggle-panel-component and it does not work as well. I need to find a way to make this panel work when connecting to components. Did you try to connect them to anything that run.?






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