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I am looking for a way to scale an object like it is possible by using the rhino "stretch" command, but inside grasshopper. I have to "stretch" (scale 1D) an object just in it´s middle without deforming it´s ends. are there any ways? thanks in advance  

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What type of geometry is it? (curve, surface, mesh, brep);

Can you post a Rhino file with the geometry and two lines indicating the amount of scaling and location?

hey vicente,

mostly I have to deal with curves, but it would be nice as well if there would be a solution for surfaces. attached I send you a rhino file where you find both...curves and surfaces...the red "sketch" layer illustrates the stretching regions and their the attached example I have a curve network, I do not know if this is handable, if not the outline curve would be fine as well....thanks a lot for your help!


I think this should work (haven't tested it much). This should work for planar surfaces with or without trims. I had to add an extra 0 to your tolerance settings to be able to regenerate all the trimmed surfaces.


thanks a lot! works perfectly for me!

Hi, do you know what works for meshes?

Just use the transformation components in grasshopper






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