algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I am a bit to surprised to see that there is no disscussion whatsoever about this:

Why? Have you used it? Care to share your experience?


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I have tried. It is still beta 2 evaluation version and lacks plenty of features but I think that the development will be fast and it has to be kept eye on. Also I'm glad that we get real alternative to Autodesk with Grasshopper+Archicad in the future. There is also their own forum to Grasshopper-Archicad link which can be found from your link above and discussion is also there.

Cheers, Markku

Today, Graphisoft added a discussion thread for the ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection Tools on the ArchiCAD-Talk forum.

As archicad user I was happy to see this future at first.but after one year of trying I understood that its need too  much more time for development,as lack I can mention that mesh is too heavy, too much calculation time also to curve wall u cant(almost) insert door and window either.Also theres post from Archicad  about that what u can do is just save in rhino and import it as rhino object in Archicad.

Hello, someone that has experienced problems in points-mesh creation on this? it looks that it cannot handle the geometry from a no. of points and on..






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