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You guys know the best place to ask Rhino questions? Like this forum, but for Rhino.

Here's the question just in case you know. I only have 3gb ram and I keep running Rhino out of memory when trying to get anything besides wireframe view. It is big file, 350mb Rhino, with about 15k polysurfces and 45k surfaces. Are there any software switches in Rhino or even in Windows that can help boost memory performance in Rhino?


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The only place is the newsgroup, if you don't want to subscribe there is a web based version
maybe if you use "accelerated hardware modes" in the Open GL -> appearance options?

or try a 64bits OS like windows 7...
Yes!!! That worked. I can now at least see it shaded or rendered in the viewport. Unfortunately still I can't render. But this is good. Thanks.

I wonder why that isn't on by default.
are you using windows xp?
if yes, you may need to edit your boot.ini file to tell windows you´ll be using 3gb
the boot.ini file is in c:\ and you probably need to select show hidden files in the folder options...

becareful with this, because you are allowing that one program take up your whole memory and the OS could be a little unstable. The /3GB switch is intended to be used in very specific instances like this one.
Thanks. I'm on Vista, just because it came on the laptop. I'll get a suped up desktop someday... ahhh... someday...
I've edited my .boot file (i have 4 gb), so you can leave 1 gb for windows....and 3gb for rhino...
works like a charm.....never had any problems.
if you are having windows xp x32 you are then using only 2Gb of of your 3Gb ram. If you switch to windows 64bits and put more ram than windows will really use it.
Also lots depends on the video card your graphic card.
Try this: right click on the desktop, properties, find advanced somewhere and drop 1,2 points down the slider of hardware acceleration.

Have a look at this forum, it is about vray-rhino's plug but you might find something interesting there

good luck






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