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Dear experienced and less experienced programmers,

I want to print rhino content directly from GH. I allready found that I can achieve it with Command function (Rhino.Command("-_Print Go")). Now Im interested in how to add printer settings (like which Layout to print, printer selection, portrait or lanscape, view settings,...)

I found following piece of Command:

"-_Print Setup Margins TopMargin=5 BottomMargin=5 LeftMargin=5 RightMargin=5 _Enter Destination OutputColor DisplayColor Printer " + str(printer) + " Pagesize 420.0 290.0 OutputType=Raster _Enter View ViewportArea Layout ViewportArea Layout _Enter ViewportArea Layout _Enter _Enter _Enter Setup Destination Pagesize 420.0 290.0 _Enter _Enter _Go"

Is there some reference document where all those additions to "Print" command can be seen? I also dont understand why _Enter repeats so many times.

At moment most urgent setting for me is to set print Window.

So something like: Rhino.Command("-_Print View Window Set Point1 Point 2 _Go")

Can you please help me with this?



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