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I know this is more mcneel forum question. 

I have installed legal rhino version on school computer.

It was two step process requiring first rhino 5 and then 4 passwords.

Is it allowed to download rhino 6 wip?

I checked both passwords and they do not work to download rhino 6 wip from mcneel website.


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I honestly don't know. I thought that every Rhino5 user was allowed to download and install RhinoWip. It's certainly in our (Robert McNeel & Associates) interest. I don't understand about the passwords, are you talking about license keys?

As far as I know, in order to get RhinoWip, you must have a Rhino5 license key and you must be part of the Serengeti group on discourse. But if you're having trouble with this, probably best to ask there.

I have validated my license rhino 5.

But still I have issues with rhino 6 wip.

I have a correct key but it says this when I want to download installation file:

Any clues how to solve this?

I am part of mcneel forum with that email too.

I think this means the key has been used by your department/university or someone, once. I had to also buy my own edu licence version to be able to use the Rhino6 WIP, even though I already could use the university copy of Rhino5.


Hi Petras, it looks like one of your colleagues downloaded the WIP using his personal email address rather than the university email address. I've changed our records, and now you should be able to download the WIP. Please let me know if you still encounter problems downloading.

Support for the WIP happens, as David said, at  - please join us there!

Sorry for writing it here.

After installation (It works) I have to write license key for rhino 6 wip.

Both of my codes I have starts with RH40 or RH50, but this one RH6B, corresponding to rhino versions. Is it possible to get it through e-mail ?

I have serial number of rhino 4 and 5 and automatically I get rhino5 or rhino4 codes through this site: but not rhino 6 beta.

All works, thank you very much for support.

I just had to download rhino 6 wip by using writing rhino 5 code to get rhino 6 wip code.






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