algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've downloaded the most recent .rhi update, and for some reason it launches Rhino.  I can change the "opens with" option, but what should I choose?



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Same thing for me

Please some help!! (I just re-install Rhino on my new computer running with Win8

Thx for your help

RHI should just run when double-clicked. If it starts Rhino instead then the file associations have been messed up. Please contact Brian Gillespie in Seattle, he's probably the only one who can fix this:


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Same problem here. I had to go in and tell it which program to use to open it... and it's not rhino.exe. I had to navigate to rhino 5 (64bit)>System>x64>rhiexec.exe to tell it how to open it.

When I choose rhiexec.exe to run the .rhi file I get an error page ;

Please contact Brian Gillespie about this or put up a post on our discourse server.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Yes, locating the (64bit)>System>x64>rhiexec.exe worked for me. Thanks

Same here. Worked fine by double click, 'open with' and locating C:\Programs\Rhinoceros 5\system\x64\rhiexec.exe

had the same problem, found link to solution on the grasshopper download page (after you click download).

guys hi

just followed all the procedure below in previous posts.

yet in rhino Command bar typing Grasshopper

it cannot find it.

Any idea/help is very welcomed


Please try this:

  1. Close Rhino 5
  2. Open Programs and Features from control panel.
  3. Right-click Rhinoceros 5.0 SR8, then click Repair
  4. Double-click the Grasshopper installer to install it again.
  5. Start Rhino 5

Do you see Grasshopper now?






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