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Hi everyone, I got a problem with the script below.

I made a reticular truss under a surface (I'm attaching the script) and now I want to extrude this surface to create a floor, but when I do that the truss loses its original geometry and it adds a specular truss also above the floor (of course I want it only underneath).

Could someone help? Can't figure out how to solve the problem...

Thanks everyone!

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Watch out with your inputs to the contour component (One Srf to S;and 1 Pt to contour start pt)

See file (sorry I had to order it to my logic:-))

Best Regards



Thanks for your interest in my discussion DeDackel ;-)

I'm not quite sure it works regarding my needs, now the truss is not 3D anymore.. but apart from this, my only problem is that the extrusion of the floor gives me one truss for each side of the floor itself. I don't know how to delete the upper truss to maintain only the lower your script I can't see the extrusion of the floor though :-/






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