algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello all,

What I want to do is a responsive facade. In which according to the radiation incident on the facade would indicate if there will be greater opening or closing of it.

Well, I have a surface area in which I divided it into smaller pieces (divided domain). For each of these smaller parts created I found the center point of these surfaces.

In addition, I have the test points from radiation analysis component. These points have different radiations, some with more radiation and others with less radiation.

So, I want the center points created from the divided domain component be able to analyze the radiation from the points coming from the radiation analysis component and determine if it will be a larger or smaller opening.

Someone knows how can I do that?

I attached two images to try explain what I'm looking for and my gh file too!

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You can study something like this dynamic panel system a data driven sunshade facade:






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