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how can I extract all World and CPlane coordinates e.g. as a text file?

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There's a lot of world coordinates. Billions upon billions. Which ones are you interested in extracting?

You can use a [Panel] to write data to a file (it's called "streaming"). And you can use a [Format] component to make the data look nice first.


David Rutten

Seattle, WA

I need coordinates which are incorporated with my model, I mean coordinates inside of the edges of my model.

Or is it possible to make a label for each world point in Rhino and save them with their labels as a text file?


By "coordinates inside of the edges of my model" you mean coordinates of the model's vertices?

Please attach you file.

According to the shape which is uploaded, there are some elements with some nodes incorporated with them. I need the world coordinates of each node and connectivity of nodes for each element.

for example, for element 1, the related nodes are 1,2,6,7

thanks a lot.






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