algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Sorry, I´m not very familar with data tree structure...

I`ve got a Data-tree with multible branches. Every Branch has 3-5 items.

Now I want to repeat that data n-times...

for example:

{0,0}    n=3                                                {0,0}    n=3   

{0,1}    n=5             ----------------->           {0,1}     n=5

{0,2}    n=5                                                {0,2}    n=4

                                                                   {1,0}    n=3 

                                                                   {1,1}    n=5

                                                                   {1,2}    n=4

                                                                   {2,0}    n=3

                                                                   {2,1}    n=5

                                                                   {2,2}    n=5

How can I do this?

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I'm guessing you meant the n = 3, 5, 4 not 3, 5, 5

I'm sure there's a simpler way but this generates the right data on the right paths for you


I should add that if you didn't need it to be dynamic then you could use the Path Mapper component very easily.

Oh I didn't see you were faster !

Interesting, how we can do the same thing differently ;)

Hello !

There must be a simpler solution, but this works


Thanks a lot for your help!

It seems to me, this is what i was looking for! A little bit hart to understandwhat you did, but the result great! No I have to comprehend!

Great! Thanks a lot!

You're very welcome :)

If you have a question, do not hesitate !






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