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Hi guys.

I'm trying to get some list to  be rebuild in a certain pattern. The idea is to optimize a spline done un rhino, in order to get 3points arc in GH so it can be fabricated more easily.

So what I have in mind is to divide de curve in N points and then rebuild it by using 3 points arcs.

The first list is : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8......

and I need it to be :  0,1,2 - 2,3,4 - 4,5,6 - 6,7,8 - ..... and so on.

Is there any way that this list can be arranged in that manner.

Thank you all

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You can use the Series component to generate the short lists of three numbers each, and another series component to generate the starting values (0,2,4,6,...).

Hi David and thanks for your reply. It seams that you use an expression on the N input if the first series component. Can you share the expression. I'm not able to reproduce the same results



I attached the file in case you needed to take a look.

Thank you David I was commuting and on my phone when I looked at your reply. Sorry...






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