algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guys.

Have any of you played with changing file names of large number of existing files? 

E.g. a lot of PDF files with a slight change in all filenames?

I guess it could/should be done through Python or similiar, but maybe there is already a simple way? :)



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That is indeed simple :) Thanks.

I posted something just the other day in the VB/C# forum.

Although renaming, moving and deleting files is relatively easy code, you must always be careful lest you suddenly delete more than you wanted.

Thanks David.

Mostly I will be doing it on drawings/pdf from Revit in a temporary folder, so if it goes wrong, it is not a disaster.

Cheers Rasmus

Hi again. 

I am getting the following error:

Is this because of my weird danish letters?






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