algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Excuse me guys for bothering you with my
issue in this forum, but next week I have a delivery for my university and I have
to build my structure as a model.

Therefore I need to remap the intersection
points (white in the image) on the lines. I couldn’t ´t find a way to handle it
and I spent so much time in experimenting.

The second (smaller) problem is an attractor point because I want the amplitude of the structure on the border smaller than
in the middle

(I changed the title of the topic to clarify
my problem)

thanks in advance

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Hi Jerrimo,

hope that will help you...

Thank you so much for the great help. I couldn't imagine what is happaning at the parameter "t" that's why I couldn't find a solution.
Thank you again!!!!
Excuse me guys again. I have one more mapping question because I think I still haven't really understood the pathmapper. After the intersection of the weaving curves I got an other threestructure which I can't deal with. That's why the solution of (u is'nt working in this case.
The selected paramviewer in the image comes from the intersection with the weaving curves.

I hope this is the last Proble in this definition!!
Thank you in advance
That's the same problem I solved for you earlier, remapping using the 't' value. Here is the fix for your other problem... You don't always need to remap the treestructure.
see attached

Thank you for the great help.
I found out that this solution is only working in Grasshopper 7. Unfortunaly I worked with version 0.6.0059. I think this was the problem why your last solution didn't work in my Grasshopper version.
I'm very thankful for all your help.
Lol- I constantly have the same problem and am therefore always re-installing old versions/new versions etc... :)
You can actually have two versions of grasshopper installed at once. What I do is have v0.6 installed first and move the folder to another location (mine's actually in my Rhino v5 plug-ins folder and then install v0.7 as normal (which will be located in rhino v4 plug-ins folder).

If you type grasshopper in the command line then by default v0.7 loads, however, if you go to the plug-ins tab and "install" GH before it is run you can direct it to the v0.6 dll.






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