algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi guys

i´m using the region slits componet

but it seems to have an error or something

i´m trying to generate slits between circles and triangles, that are planar

but the region slits component tells me they are not planar

i used the planar component and they are planar

is this a bug?

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Can you upload the geometry? Circles and triangles should be planar by definition, so it sounds like a bug, but I can't be sure without some actual data.


David Rutten

Did you ever solve this David? - as I'm having a similar problem with this component.....

Hi David

Here are the files



any ideas???

Hey Mario - Did you ever figure out this issue? I'm having a similar problem.....

Hey matt

No, I havent been able to figure this out

I think is a bug

I have been using a definition that I constructed but with several components that does the job

Have you tried gh new upgrade?

I havent had a chance yet

Maybe david fixed this already


Thanks for answering Mario - I think it's just a bug - I just installed the very latest GH and still having issues.






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