algorithmic modeling for Rhino

how can I make a reference to the current selection? I am looking for a way that I just select objects in the Rhino-View and they are present in grasshopper; my only idea to achieve this is to retrieve the UUIDs of the selected objects.

So: Is there a quick way to get the UUID-numbers of the currently selected objects in the rhino-document? In the SDK I found the methods "Rhino.DocObjects.IsSelected" and "Rhino.DocObject.IsHighlighted" but I cannot imagine how to apply them.

thanks in advance...

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Quick Code ... this is what you need?


I modified it to my needs, and now it is EXACTLY what i was looking for!

I tried to attach my version but somehow it doesn't work at the moment; i will try later

thank You very much!!!

I hope it works now







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