algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is a vase modeled via Rhinoceros, meshed with quad with Rhino, re-meshed using Kangaroo in order to have triangular mesh. The mesh is re-meshed in the script in order to have enough triangles (400k). A classic reaction diffusion is applied on the mesh. The script is provided but beware it is quite long (10 min) because of Sandbox which is used  to get all neighbor vertex of each vertex.

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Yikes! ..very interesting stuff Vicente! Works well with simple geometry only I think.

creates some interesting geometry out of simple meshes On the other hand using the Bunny creates some problems. It makes a simple torus into a dbl mobius,!

Kim look at unit of vertices translation. You have -10 so it seems to be very big.

for your model !! For me it works, I did a new version with parameter i like and also I put tangents (direction pattern) driven by curves. I also modify a bit the script in order to find back a pattern which can be parallel or perpendicular to tangents.

As Laurent says, it works perfectly fine here.

After all the nasty things done to the poor Stanford bunny, one day ill open the model and it will be looking like this:

Batman Bunny? .....LOL!

Thanks, I didn't notice the -10 setting, had a bearing on the size of the original geometry

Not Batman, this bunny is from a movie where the main character is killed by a falling jet engine, I think, or it was a dream? No, I think he died, don't really remember.

Donnie Darko i think.

Here is the parallelized (diffusion and tangents finding) version of the script.



I've been waiting for this to come out :)




BEAUTIFUL, your first image is.

Thanks for the inspiration.

WOW, only for creative inspiration :)

ciao torolf

This is great, thanks for sharing.

I do have a question; I am trying to apply it to a surface which is working.

However just like the vase you've shown I'd like the edges to remain unaffected. 

Can this be done?

Looks like I spoke too soon, thanks for sharing!






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