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How  to random reduce points from an attractor point according to distance ? I mean as it goes near , the no of points reduce !

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for example

1) remap distance onto 0 to 1 domain

2) 1 - remaped distances

3) rundom numbers for each distance between 0 and 1

4) addition of 2) and 3)

5) divide by 2

6) convert to integers

7) convert to buuleans

8) cull by pattern

Philipp thanks for replying ! I went through your algorithm and got a result in which the attractor reduced the no. of points to a distance almost halfway through the bounding region and some scattered above and below them ( i know you got it :) ) 


And that is happening 'cos after all the algorithm , the cull by pattern tool removes the 0 value(from the converted integer) item from the point list , i.e almost all the points inside the halfway distance region (except for the random numbers that work for the step (2-5) )


But really , appreciate the way you thought about it  ( i was lost totally for 2 days not able to figure out a method !)


Now , I have created my own way of doing it and it is working exactly the way i wanted it to work ...

I am attaching the definition to let you know , how I went about it ... It worked by creating series of distance integers and culling the bounded points gradually by introducing another series for each group of points found on the specified distance of the first series (also random reduce applied through this series on the points after culling whose no of reduce points is controlled by the distance ) :)

Sincere thanks for your time ... I tried a lot of things to finally get a solution like this ... Your reply helped a lot in doing it ! Was really getting devastated :P 


I am attaching the definition , if you want to take a look ...:)







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