algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi All,

I'm quite new to grasshopper and I'm stuck.

I'm trying to use Populate Geometry to generate random points which will affect the surface. Unfortunately I can't figure out why Vec2Pt works only with one of the generated points instead of all of them.


I'll be thankful for any help.



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Like this?


Exactly! Thanks a lot! Cheers!

Hi Hyungsoo Kim,

Thanks a lot for your recent tip! It was very helpful. I'm wondering if you could help me one more time. Now I'm struggling to make the edges of this surface tangent to a plane so I could seamlessly join them. Or in other words to keep the edges fixed to a plane.

Many thanks in advance

Like so?


Yes, that's it! Many many thanks.

Hyungsoo, I'm sorry for disturbing you. One more thing, the last one I promise.

Now I'm trying to generate the same surface inside non regular shape. Is it possible? I tried brep curve (bcx) for intersection so I get the grid inside the border, but now I don't know how to continue. 


Even if you have a non regular surface but still, it's an untrimmed surface to deform so, why you need BCX to generate a grid?

There's not much difference between the new surface and previous definition.


You' re right, I thought it' s more complicated. 

Once agin, thank you very much for your help.

Hi Hyungsoo 

I'm still playing and learning with the file which you helped me to developed. But now I have stucked again. Can you explain me how to make this surface tangent from both side. 

I'll be very thankful for help







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