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Radial - Equal Spacing Per Concentric Ring (Extent P?)

Perhaps this is a simple one, though as a new GH user, been at it for days without any luck.  If anyone would be so kind as to point me to the correct components, etc, perhaps I can figure it on my own.

Using Radial (unless there exists a better approach?) trying to get equal (or as close as possible) distance of "A" on each concentric ring of the radial. "B" is equal as well between all rings, and both A, B and R are adjustable with sliders.

I'm able to get the basics down, though this is as far as I get that works at all.  Nothing I've tried beyond works.  Granted I'm clueless.

Sadly, I can figure how to draw this manually in a relative hurry, but not via GH.  Been at it for days, pathetically.  It is GH speed and adjust-ability, once scripted, I'm after.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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You can't do it with radial grid, as that one always has the same number or spokes. You need more points the further away you are from the centre.


Thank you so much for the jump start!  Good to know I was beating a dead horse.  I will study your example and (hopefully) improve my rudimentary skills.  At least I was able, on my own, to add the ability to affect the individual circle R solely.


Hi there!

I know this post is from like more than a year ago but I was super excited to see it because i was having a similar problem for awhile. I was was wondering how you would go about adding attractor points to this kind of radial pattern. Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks from me too! Is there a term for this patterning? I know it's used to make halftone patterns for printing.






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