algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello , 

    This might be an old question ,

    I am using ASTOOLS,  the blend surface works , 

    But I hope to get match surface function . any ideas ?

     Whatever rhino python , rhinoscripts is ok , I didn't find the module too . Thanks

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Hello , Tom ,  

     wow , it is you ~~

     Fit surface I tested too , just it is unfortunately that I can not get it work in my situation . I will test again clearly according your suggest ,

     Yes , rhinocommon or rhinoscript. , I supposed so we have to write the module totally .


     I understand that architect seldom use match crv / srf ,  just for me , I think i will use more and more frequently . I don't need great function of matching , just require 5 degree Crv or 5 degree U , V surface to get edge join together , and surface reach G2 smoothing . It is useful for design something :) ,  same degree with more points is useful too . 

     I see your hard work too , same to me ,, I don't suggest you write another VSR-liked GH module because it is really too complicated ,,  in fact a small , simple and base upgrade is enough for me .  After basic surface created , I will bake it out and manual edit everything in details . ( that means, I just need base match ...) 

    I installed many module , so at present I dare not upgrade to Rhino 6 . Your AStools' surface blend is good enough for me.  Thanks

Hello , Tom ,

At the beginning , I hope to get Variable match curve . Here is the post link ,    Thanks






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